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Q: What percent of people think boys and girls should be on the same team?
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How much percent of the world think that boys and girls should stay mixed classes?

over 60%

What percent of boys and girls play a sport on the same team?

I think that girls should be aloud to but it would be unfair for a girl because most girls are not as strong so they will not do very well

What percent of girls think there fat and are skinny?


What is the percent of people saying that PE should be compulsory?

94% of pupils in the world think that P.E should be compulsory.

What percent of girls and boys go to school?

I think it is an Equal amount.

How much do girls think of boys?

Quite a lot, sometimes this is all that girls ever think about. When you see girls in the halls chatting and giggling, they are probably talking about men. They think about guys about 80 percent of the time if they're are normal girls.

Why is percentage of girls dropouts higher than boy dropouts?

because some people think that girls should not study as ,they will do all the house hold works.

How many girls should you get?

i think we should have 4 kids

Do you think boys should protect girls?

Boys and girls should be treated equally. It's not which gender should protect which gender, it's suppose to be strong one protect the weak one. For example, if the girl is stronger than the boy, then the girl should be protect the boy. Since the world has more strong boys than girls, that's why people say "boys should protect girls". In reality, strong people should protect weak people, regardless of what sex they are.

How do you get girls going after you?

Well you have to be nice. Don't be a jerk to girls. Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings.; 3What I think you should do is go up to her and be a man. I think you should ask her out and when you do that you should be nice not a jerk. Be nice to girls that is what they deserve!!

Should girls bmx?

If they think they want to - sure.

What are the names of the girls from naruto with blue hair?

Konan Hinata and I dont think I should count people who showed up as extra people they met on missions