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Depends on size of school

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Q: What percent of high school students participate in sports?
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What percent of middle school students participate in sports or after school activities?

it is only a miget 45% as some have better thjing 2 do

In Tasha's school 0.600 of the students participate in a school sport If there are one thousand students in tasha's school how many participate in a school sport?

.6 x 1000= 600 what sports do you participate in?

What is the percentage of students in middle school sports?

About 75% of middle schooler would participate in school sports.

What percent of students get injured with school sports?


Do students that play sports in high school also participate in other extracurricular activities?

yes i play many sports in school and outer school

What Percent of college students played high school sports?


How common is sudden cardiac death for US high school students who participate in sports?

not very

What percentage of college students participate in college sports?

2% of high school students play sports on a college team.But that doesn't mean you can't do walk ons.

What clubs can students participate in at UCLA?


How many students athletes participate NCAA sports?

a large amount of people participate in in NCAA sports.

How can Latin American students participate in sports?

Many Latin American schools don't have sports, so in order for Latin American students to play sports they join an outside of school club or association.

Can continuation school students participate in wrestling at a public high school in California?

maybe not, as the teachers would try to promote other sports

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