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"Only less than 2 percent of Basketball or football student-athletes go pro,..."


Young, Jessica Lam Hill. The Daily Free Press. "Athletes Graduate At Higher Rate: NCAA Study". 11 July 2007. News Section.

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About 0.2%

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Q: What percent of college athletes go on to play professional sports?
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What percent of college athletes go pro in something other than sports?

98.7% don't go onto professional sports.

If you want to be in sports in college do you have turn professional?

No. If you want to be in sports during your college years you are certainly not required to turn professional. In fact less than 1% of all student athletes make it to the professional level.

Is college or professional sports more watched?

professional sports

What sports has the largest percent of spanish athletes?


How many professional athletes have been on two professional sports teams?

Almost all of them

What professional athletes have no siblings?

There are 10's of thousands of professional athletes across dozens of sports. The list you are requesting would number in the thousands.

What types of athletes go to sports clinics?

Both amateur and professional athletes go to sports clinics. Additionally non- athletes with athletic impairing conditions also go.

What are the average college GPAs of athletes in various college sports?

3.3 and higher

What percent of athletes have played sports their whole lives?


How many players are there in Major League sports?

3630 professional athletes.

What has the author Billy Hawkins written?

Billy Hawkins has written: 'The new plantation: black athletes, college sports, and predominantly white NCAA institutions' -- subject(s): National Collegiate Athletic Association, Social conditions, Racism in education, Race relations, African American college students, African American athletes, Racism in sports, College sports 'The new plantation' -- subject(s): College sports, Moral and ethical aspects of College sports, College athletes, National Collegiate Athletic Association, African American athletes, Social conditions, Race relations, African American college athletes, Racism in education, African American college students, Racism in sports

What tools do professional athletes use?

The body and their appropiate sports gear clothing.......