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giro d'italia = green

vuelta a espana = was green, now polka dot

tour of California = red

tour down under = white and green

tour de France = polka dot

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Q: What patterned jersey does the best climber wear on tour?
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What colour jersey does the best climber in the tour de France?

The King of the Mountains classification leader wears the white and red polka dot jersey.

What color jersey does the best hill climber wear in the Tour de France?

The best climber, also known as the "King of the Mountains," wears a white jersey with red polka dots. The points counting toward the mountain classification are awarded on the basis of the passing order at the top of the hills or mountain passes, with prize money of 25,000 euros for the overall best climber. The jersey is sponsoed by Carrefour.They get to wear a white jersey with red polka dots.

Who was the winner for the best climber in the 2002 Tour de France?

Laurent Jalabert won the polka dot jersey (maillot Ã? pois rouges) in 2002.

What does the polka dot jersey represent in tour de france?

The dots themselves doesn't represent anything. They're just a pattern that makes the jersey and the rider easily recognizable.The guy in the Polka dot Jersey has been the best climber, ridden fastest uphill.King of the Mountain

What do they wear in the tour de france?

Most riders will wear team kit. Tight-fitting jerseys and bibs -cycling tights with suspenders. Sometimes one-piece Time Trial suits. The overall leader gets a yellow jersey. The best sprinter gets a green jersey. The best climber gets a polka dot jersey. Best young rider gets a white jersey.

What colour is the best young riders jersey in tour De France?

The jersey given to the best young riders is white in color.

Who won the tour de France in 1939?

Sylvère Maes, a Belgian. In that year, he also won the best climber contest and two stages. He had won another tour in 1936.

What colour does the best sprinter wear in the tour de france?

The best sprinter gets a green jersey.

What does the red jersey mean in cycling?

in the tour of Spain the red jersey is the leaders jersey in overall classification it is the Spanish version of the yellow jersey in the tour de France.

What does the purple jersey mean in Tour de France?

There is no official purple jersey in the Tour de France. You might have seen a team jersey in that colour.

What does the rainbow jersey mean tour de france?

There is no official rainbow jersey in le tour de france. If you've seen one, it was probably a team jersey with that design.

Which tour jersey did Australian Cadel Evans wear at the finishing podium of the 2008 Tour de France?

His team jersey - Silence Lotto

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