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Q: What party does the premier of BC lead?
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What political party does the premier of Ontario lead?

The current (September 2010) Premier of Ontario is Daulton McGuinty and he leads the Liberal party.

Who lead the Ontario Liberal Party?

Dalton McGuinty, in the sense that he is the Premier. But also Yasir Naqvi, who is the President of the Executive Board of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Who is the is the premier of bc?

crist clark

How do you get the job of a premier?

If you are the leader of your party or your party has the most seats, you are appointed to being premier.

Who is the premier of BC 2012?

cristy clarks

How was the premier of Alberta chosen?

The premier becomes the premier when the provincial party (in this case, being the Alberta PC party) gets the most votes. The leader of that party then becomes Premier of Alberta. The citizens of Alberta choose the Premier by voting for MLAs of specific parties. The more votes for MLAs of a particular party, the higher the chance that the leader of that political party of Alberta will become Premier.

What is the name of the premier of BC in Government?

As of November 2021, the Premier of British Columbia is John Horgan.

What Party is the Premier of Ontario In?

The Ontario Premier is Dalton McGunity. ( 3 Terms in Office). He is in the Liberal Party.

Who was the first female premier of BC?

Rita Johnsen

Where was the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film premier party?

They didn't have a premier party, they had a wrap party (celebrating the end of filming).

Which political party does the premier of Ontario belong to?

The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, belongs to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Which political party does the premier of Ontario represent?

The premier of Ontario is Dalton McGuinty and he represents the Liberal political party.