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your waist

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Q: What part of your body should you put the your hockey stick above?
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What is a forehand in field hockey?

Using the stick in the usual manner, with the stick and ball on the right hand side of the body.

In hockey what is a toe drag?

It is a stick-handling move in hockey where the player with the puck uses the toe portion of his stick blade to maneuver the puck. Generally moving it closer to his body or between his legs.

What is obstruction in hockey?

Obstuction is when a player prevents another player from playing the ball by (intentionally or accidentally) placing their own body or stick between that other player or their stick and the ball. Shadow (or third-party) obstruction occurs where a player prevents an opponent from tackling a team member in the way as above.

What side of the hockey stick do you stop the ball with?

The side which is the left of the stick when the hook is facing away from the body. For almost all sticks, this will be the flat (or flatter) side - there is normally a noticeable difference.

What fouls are in hockey?

Many things can be a foul in hockey, but depending on the code and some of the rules, they may be quite permissible in one way and banned in another. In field hockey, things like playing the ball with the back of the stick, with the feet hands or body, raising the ball dangerously, using the stick dangerously, arguing with the umpire or being abusive are all fouls and all can carry penalties. In ice hockey, fighting, tripping, hacking, raising the puck above a certain height, and 'icing' are all fouls, and al may carry penalties. However, goalkeepers of all codes may use the whole of their body, and in ice hockey may even catch the puck.

What is a cross check?

Cross check is something that happens during a hockey game. It is when someone thrusts their stick across an opponent's face or body.

How do you stop your hockey stick vibrating when you hit it?

Warm it up properly. That means at least five minutes doing light passes or juggling and jinking with a ball, then some sweeps and hits. The most important thing that you should definitely do is hold the stick quite tight in your hand so that the vibrations are absorbed by your arms and body. The loser you hold a hockey stick the more it will vibrate within your hand thus possibly causing some discomfort when hitting.

Which has more body contact basketball or hockey?

hockey by far

What is the difference between hooking and tripping in hockey?

Hooking: To take ones stick and hook it around another player's body, restricting their skating or movement. Tripping: To use one's stick to make another player fall.

Which side of a stick should you not use during a game of hockey?

The rounded side. If it has 2 flat sides you can use both sides. *When holding the stick with the hook facing away from the body, the side on the left (the "flat" side) is the playing surface. The side on the right is the back of the stick and cannot be used to play the ball at any time. This holds even if the stick is flat. However the edges can be used to a certain extent.

What causes the gas pedal in a 1992 Toyota Previa to stick?

check the cruise motor to is just above the peddle A rusty/tight throttle body. It should be by the oil dipstick + oil fill cap.

What does FIH stand for in hockey?

In field hockey, FIH stands for Federation Internationale de Hockey (International Hockey Federation) and is the ruling body of international hockey.

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