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hi, i am an experience tennis player, and you have to hit the inside of the tennis ball. this way, you can get the spin that will make the ball spin outwrds. i hope this was helpful. rebecca

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Q: What part of the ball do you hit to hit an inside out forehand?
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What height should a ball be hit to execute an average forehand or backhand stroke in tennis?


What is a forehand in tennis?

A strike of the ball on the side of the preferred hand. The palm of the hand tends to face the ball. E.g. a right handed player would hit the ball from the right.

What is a ground stroke?

An groud stroke is a forehand or backhand that the ball is lower than a regular shot when you hit it. It usually has topspin.

What is the stroke used to hit a ball on the racket side of a player in tennis?

That's called a forehand. On the opposite side, it's called a backhand.

What is the terms of forehand in badminton?

there are basically two types of how you can hit forehand backhand forehand in any sport means using the side of your palm to hit the object and backhand means using the opposit side of your palm to hit. according to my knowledge i think this is the answer. hope this helped. :)

Which part of your body part you do not hit the ball with?

NO "part" you use a bat ...

How do you get a foul in softball?

Usually when you hit a ball foul, it means that you didn't make solid contact with the ball when you hit it. (Usually the ball is skimmed on some part of the bat or it is hit too far on the end or inside of the bat.) If you want to try to get fouls, try to hit the ball really early or really late, resulting in a solid hit outside of the lines, but still counting as a foul ball.

What part of the mallet do you hit the ball with?

The head

Can you use a fist to hit the ball in volleyball?

yes but the ball must hit the top part of your fist

What is a forehand shot is?

A forehand shot in Badminton is where the shuttlecock is hit forward with the racquet without crossing the upper body as in a backhand shot.

How fast can you hit a tennis ball?

On a personal level, it all depends on your skill. As a comparison, the fastest a professional has hit a forehand was 120 mph (by Gael Monfils), and 155 mph on a serve (by Andy Roddick).

What is an out in tennis?

In singles...the ball hit inside of the side double lines. In doubles...the ball hit outside of the side double lines.

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