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The back arm hurts the most for some reason.

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Q: What part of the arm hurts the most when punched?
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What hurts worse neck or arm tattoo?

it depends where you have it on your arm the neck hurts more than the bottom of your arm, but the top of your arm hurts more than your neck.

Can you die from getting punched in the arm?


What is a hurts doughnut?

it is when you ask someone if the want a hurts doughnut and then punch them in the arm and say hurts don't it.

What arm hurts when your about to have a heart attack?

The left arm .

If your left arm hurts during a heart attack what are you experiencing?

left arm pain

What if your arm hurts when you throw a baseball?

Its probally that your arm is sore or your arm cant take the "Heat"

How do you take someone down?

first you kick them in the part were it hurts then you place you arm around there neck and swing your body away from them and that is all

What happens if you break your arm?

It hurts! :(

What arm hurts if you're having a heart attack?

usually left arm

What to do if your arm hurts because you slept the wrong way?

Stretch your arm and keep bending your arm up and down

Are their any effects of getting punched in the arm right after a needle at school?

a bruise and pain ..

If someone punches you in the arm can it cause numbness in your hand and pain all throughout your arm?

if you get punched and it happens to hit a nerve you can experience numbness and pain throughout your arm. not common but possible

How do you spell arm in french?

an arm is 'un bras' in French. my arm hurts : j'ai mal au bras

How does it feel to break your arm?

It hurts very much.

How does a broken arm effect you playing sport?

It hurts...

How do you say you have a pain in my arm or my arm hurts in french in words not oral?

j'ai mal au bras?

What body part hurts more for a tattoo?

Anywhere that is bony. The ribs, middle of chest, shins, shoulder bone, top of feet. For some the inside your upper arm hurts. Mines didn't. But everybody's pain tolerance is different. Hope this helps

What part of human body do most robots copy?


How do you say 'my arm hurts' in Spanish?

"Me duele el brazo."

What hurts more getting a shot in the butt or the arm?

The arm especially in the mussle because it is more tense in the arm then the butt cause the butt is padded

How did Clark Kent kill Titan?

clark super punched him and he impailed himself on his own arm spike

Your left arm hurts and feels hot?

At any time a left arm hurts and the reason is unknown it is advised to see a doctor immediately. Though it can be do to multiple reasons the risk of a heart attack should be ruled out.

How was tom Robinson a innocent man?

His left arm was crippled from getting mangled in a cotton gin, so he couldn't have punched Mayella in her right eye, where we know she got punched because of the bruise on her face.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your arm?

yes it hurts. it hurts anywhere. if you get a tattoo and your about to die your going to go to hell just because of a tattoo

How do you make mom think my arm is broke?

You can tell your mom your arm hurts realy bad and ask if she can take you to the docter