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Offensive line

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Q: What part of a football team compare to a lysosome?
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Is Jay z part owner of a football team?


What are the requirements to be part of Oregon State Football team?

If someone wants to be part of the Oregon State football team then they have to be very good at football. They also must be generally of excellent fitness and be over 18 if they want to play for the senior team.

What Football team is Bon Jovi co owner of?

He was a co-owner of the Arena Football team The Philadelphia Soul, but is no longer part of that.

How do you Compare a plant cell to football team?

well, their are scientific facts so i am guessing, it is an athlete to a cell

How would you compare an animal cell and a football team?

well its easy just search up animal cell

In what city is the Steelers football team situated?

The Steelers are an American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They currently belong to the National Football League and since 1970 are a part of the American Football Conference or AFC.

What does a football player do?

A professional football player is paid to be a part of a team that plays the game of football. Any football player has the goal of getting the football through the goal.

Could you compare Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team tp Cleveland Browns Football team?

The Steelers are 6-4 and the Browns are 1-9. Win for the Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like: Steelers 896 Browns 0.

What is the mascot of the Tennessee Titans football team?

The Tennessee Titans are a popular American football team that is a part of the National Football League (NFL). The mascot of the Titans is a raccoon named T-Rac.

Compare and contrast football and badminton?

Football in America is a contact sport that has 11 players on each team. Badminton is a racket sport that has one, sometimes 2 players on each team. In football the ball can be kicked or tossed. In badminton a ball is hit with a racket.

When did UAE football team take part in the FIFA world cup?


In football is a safety part of the offensive team?

No, a safety plays in the defensive backfield.

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