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The Bronx.

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Q: What part of New York is Yankee Stadium located in?
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In what part of New York City is Yankee Staduim?

Yankees Stadium is located in Bronx, New York City.

What is the deepest part of the playing field in the new Yankee Stadium?

Centerfield. Which is 408 feet.

What part of Brooklyn is nets stadium?

The stadium is located in downtown Brooklyn.

From what part of the body is blood being returned to the heart as it passes through the vena cava?

yankee stadium

What dates did the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees in 2011?

The Red Sox and Yankees met 18 times during the 2011 season.April 8th - 10th (Fenway Park)May 13th - 15th (Yankee Stadium)June 7th - 9th (Yankee Stadium)August 5th - 7th (Fenway Park)August 30th-31st, September 1st (Fenway Park)September 23rd - 25th (Yankee Stadium)The game on September 23rd was postponed due to rain and made up on September 25th as part of a doubleheader.

Were the New York Yankees a football team?

Not to be confused with the Major League Baseball Yankees, there was a short lived professional football team also called the New York Yankees. They were part of the AFL in 1926 and then the NFL from 1927-1928. They also played their home games at Yankee Stadium.

Is the Bass Pro Shop by Gillette Stadium part of Patriot Place?

Yes, the Bass Pro shop located by the stadium is part of the Patriot Place development.

Where does steaua bucharest play?

On the Steaua Stadium, located in the Western part of Bucharest.

What region of the US is new york city located?

Eastern part of the US. New York is located above Pennsylvania.

What part of New York is Rochester located in?

Rochester, New York is located at north western part of the state of New York. It is just above Brighton and below Irondequiot. Follow Interstate 490.

What is the cavernous left center field section of Yankee stadium known as?

Left centerfield in Yankee Stadium is known as death valley. Today it is only 399 feet from home plate to the deepest part of "Death Valley". At one time it measured 460 feet. Even before they moved the fence in 1988 it measured 430 feet.

Is Maryland considered part of the Northeast or the Southeast?

dixie dixie dixie Yankee Yankee Yankee it's both

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