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The 1974 Games were held in Christchurch, New Zealand, with the main stadium being QEII Park

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Q: What part of NZ was the commonweath games held in 1974?
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Why does Canada compete in the commonweath games?

because it was part of the commonwealth

Are the Fiji islands part of the commonweath?

No. In 2006, the Commonweath of Nations voted to exclude Fiji as a member until Fiji is returned to Democratic rule.

Why the ancient Olympics games were held?

they were held because the games were part of the Greek's way of worshiping Zeus

Which part of the year were the ancient Olympic Games held?


Where was the Commonwealth Games of 2006 held?

The 2006 Commonwealth Games was held in Melbourne, Australia. It was held from March 15th to March 26th, approximately 4, 500 athletes took part in the Games.

Were the 14th Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi?

No, the 19th Commonwealth Games took part in Delhi. The 14th Commonwealth Games was held in Auckland in 1990.

How often are the common wealth games held and where?

The Commonwealth Games are held every four years and are hosted by a country that is part of the Nations of the Commonwealth.

Who decided where the ancient olympic games were held?

They were held at Olympia in Elis in southern Greece, because the games were part of a religious festival in honour of Zeus at his temple there.

Why exacly were the Ancient Olympics held?

The games were part of the Greeks worshipping of Zeus.

What part of London will the 2012 Olympic games be held?

Manchester Liverpool and Chelsea

Where or when are the modern olympic games held and who takes part?

The paralympics are a sport for disablled people

How many countries took part in the recently held 18th Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?

There were 71 countries that took part in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

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