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Since many paintball players are involved in the military, companies generally don't give individual discounts, but may offer them to large groups.

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Q: What paintball company offer a military discount?
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Does petco offer military discount?

I went to a petco and asked if they offer military discounts and I received a discount with my VA card

Does sears offer military discount?


Does the Crystal Cruises offer a military discount?

Yes crystal cruises do offer a military discount. Please contact our ordering department and let them know that you can provide proof of military status to receive your discount.

Does Chick Fil A offer any discount for military or seniors?

While not all Chic Fil A locations offer a Military discount, some do with a valid Military ID. I would recommend calling ahead and asking if the one near your event does offer the discount.

Is there a military discount for xbox live?

If you buy your prepaid card at a store where they offer a military discount, yes. Otherwise, no.

Does one direction tickets offer military discount?


Does east-bay offer military discount?

Yes. 20%

Does staple offer a military discount?

Yes, Staples does offer a military discount on a number of brands and services within the stores. This discount is not often advertised.

Does Dave and busters offer military discount?

YES! You just need to ask for it (and have your military ID).

Does office depot offer military discount?

Office depot does not offer military discounts. Some branches of the military do have credit accounts open with office depot.

Does Toyota offer a Military discount?

Yes, $500 for active duty.

Where can I find a cheap military discount?

You can find military discount in many regular stores and restaurants, all you have to do is ask if they offer such a discount. For vacations, Disney offers amazing discounts not only for the military personnel but also their dependents.