What page do will and tessa kiss?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: What page do will and tessa kiss?
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What page in the book shiver do sam and grace kiss?

The first kiss is page 87 ;-)

What page does meggie and farid kiss in inkspell?

Their first kiss is on page 289. And their second kiss is on page 447. Farid and Meggie are so cute together, so I recommend you to read those sections.

What page do harry and Ginny kiss in the books?

In the half-blood prince page 533 and in the deathly hallows page 116

On what page in new moon does Jacob Black kiss Bella Swan?

They do not kiss in New Moon. Jacob and Bella do not kiss in New Moon. That kiss doesn't happen until close to the end of Eclipse. they kiss twice in Eclipse (once on page 330 - and once on page 526 -> 529)

What page do Harry Potter and Hermione Granger kiss?

They never kiss.

What manga do Miroku and Sango kiss?

The manga they kiss in is InuYasha. Regarding the chapter they kiss in, it is chapter 523 page 11. (The page is right below this... it's a related link.)

What page does Annabeth kiss Percy in 'The Battle of the Labyrinth'?

page 203

What page does Katniss kiss peeta on the forehead?

There is no official page where they kiss once. They kiss hundreds of times in the book. Mainly, however, they start kissing a lot in the end of chapter 19 on page 262, and then continue from there a lot.

What page does max kiss sam?

The middle of page 201. School's out Forever.

On what page in Breaking Dawn do Bella and Jacob kiss?

they kiss in eclipse not breaking dawn

What page do Max and Dylan kiss?

They kiss in in angel. The bes one is 226. Angel

What page does harry kiss herminone?