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Q: What oxygen system is used When an athlete is running in the Marathon in the Olympic final?
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Why does aerobic respiration increase as the athlete starts racing?

Because he's using more oxygen. Aeorbic Respiration means there's oxygen in the body so when an athlete starts running, he's using the oxygen. When there's no oxygen, lactic acid is made and that makes you feel like you're in pain. LIke when it starts burning. Hope i helped and God bless you:)

Why do runners inhale pure oxygen after a marathon?

After a marathon there is an oxygen deficit in your body. Your muscles have obtained energy through a process called lactic acid fermentation, which does not use oxygen but is less efficient than aerobic respiration. It also causes a buildup of lactic acid, which your body gets rid of using oxygen. Supplying pure oxygen allows your body to get that oxygen faster.

How would asthma effect a marathon runner?

Asthma prevents proper breathing and marathon runner would be affected by the lack of oxygen to their muscles, which may make them fatigue faster.

How does training in high altitude increase the athlete's ability to compete?

Training at high altitudes exposes the athlete to thinner air and reduced oxygen content. These subject the athlete to the increased stresses of having to make do with less oxygen. The idea is that the athlete acclimatizes to exertion in this environment. Then, when he returns to normal conditions, his body will act like it is being exposed to rich air and perform better than before.

A gas which the athlete need from the air for respirationa?

Oxygen is the only gas used by humans for respiration.

Would a fitter athlete have a higher respiratory rate?

No. A fitter athlete will have a higher tidal volume, and greater oxygen transport; fewer deeper breaths doing more work.

Why is the aerobic endurance important?

Aerobic energy system is used for long durations sports such as a Football And Marathon Running As The Aerobic energy System is used for long distance sport activities and can only be active when oxygen is there.

How does running effect your pulse?

Running increases the body's need for oxygen. The heart rate speeds up to deliver more oxygen to the body. The pulse increases.

How might an athletes vital capacity compare to a non - athlete?

An athlete's vital capacity should compare a non-athlete's by being much greater. Athlete's hearts pump stronger, carrying more blood throughout the body and oxygen to organs and tissues, allowing the body to function more smoothly. Their heart beat should be lower, as well as their blood pressure.

What does engine running rich or lean mean?

An engine runs by the combustion of a mixture of oxygen and gasoline. If this mix has too much oxygen, it is said to run lean. When the mixture has too much gasoline in relation to oxygen, it is running rich.

Why is earth's atmosphere not running out of oxygen?

Trees and plants, in the process of photosynthesis, are continually replenishing oxygen into the air.

Why is running out of oxygen is not a real concern?

Oxygen is recycled through the interrelated processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration