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The Tennessee Copperheads.

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Q: What other team names were suggested when the Tennessee Oilers were renaming their team?
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What nfl teams have changed there names?

Houston Oilers to the Tennessee Titans

Where else have the Houston Oilers played?

The Oilers were located in Houston at first and then switched to Memphis, Tennessee and then re-located to Nashville, Tennessee after 2 years. That is also when they switched names from Oilers to Titans.

Do the Bay Buccaneers travel farther when they played the Houston Oilers or the Dallas Cowboys?

It must be the Dallas Cowboys, since the Oilers have changed names and are now in Tennessee.

What names did the Tennessee Titans consider before they settled on the Titans?

The Tennessee Copperheads. The uniforms were to be orange and the helmets were to retain the Oilers oil derrick logo.

What are some funny Hockey team names?

The oilers and the Ugly Ducks.

What are some NFL players with first names that begin with the letter Y?

Yancey Thigpen played for the San Diego Chargers (1991), the Pittsburgh Steelers (1992-1997), and the Tennessee Oilers/Titans (1998-2000).

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I don't know the names of "collages" [sic] in Tennessee but I could perhaps research the names of COLLEGES in that state. Spelling IS important.

What are Nashville Tennessee's pro sports team's names?

.. NFL: Tennessee Titans

What are the newspaper names?

Check the suggested link. Happy reading!

What sports teams have names from Greek mythology?

Tennessee Titans

Names of Edmonton hockey players?

I suggest you go to the Oilers' website or that of the Hockey News or the NHL and get up-to-date roster information.

Which U.S. president suggested the names for the United Nations?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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