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Soccer was first and from that the game of rugby was invented. From Rugby American football was invented.

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What separates soccer from all other sports?

soccer is dumber than most sports

How was soccer compered to other sports?

not like most sports on soccer you use your legs

Why is soccer not as popular as other sports?

Hey there. Well first of all soccer is already popular than most sports. It is the most popular sport in any other countries such as Brazil or England. After all its all about soccer. SOCCER IS THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the most popular sports in Algeria?

The Most popular sport in Algeria is soccer. There are also other sports such as volleyball and handball.

Does All Sports feature sports from other country's such as soccer?

"Yes, most all sports feature sports from all countries such as soccer. Soccer is becoming more popular across the world and a bigger part of mainstream culture all over."

What sport do the people of France play?

Mostly Soccer but they do like some other sports but soccer they play the most

What are the sports in Egypt today?

Football (as in soccer) is the most popular. Other sports are basketball, handball, squash and tennis.

What are the two most popular sports in South Africa?

One of the two most populas sports in South Africa is soccer, the other is cricket.

What are the most popular sports in kazakhstan?

Soccer is most popular sport in Kazakstan. Other popular sports are ice hockey, cycling and boxing.

What sports do Mexicans play?

The two sports in which the most Mexicans participate are: baseball and soccer. The two most observed sports are: soccer and bull-fighting.

What is a popular sport in Costa Rica?

The most popular sport in Costa Rica is soccer. They also play other sports but soccer is the most popular

What is most popular sport in Turkey?

Soccer is very famous than other sports.

Where did soccer orignate?

most sports such as soccer originated in England

Why doesn't the sports category have soccer in it since soccer is one of the world's most popular sports?

it already has it.

What sport does the most running?

Soccer and Lacrosse are the two sports with the most running. Other than running, of course.

What sports teams are in Berlin Germany?

there is plenty of soccer clubs in berlin but the most famous is Hertha Berlin. Any other sports?

What are the most played sports?

soccer is the most played

The most widley played sport in America?

The sports played the most in America are football, basketball and baseball. Other popular sports are soccer, hockey, and tennis.

What types of sports are there in Italy?

One of the most popular sports in Italy is soccer. Other sports that are popular in Italy include: cycling, tennis, winter sports, and auto racing.

What are the most played sports in Africa?

the most played sports in Africa is soccer that's it

What is it called when you move the ball from one teammate to the other on the soccer field?

A pass, just like most other sports.

What are popular activities in Germany?

Soccer, Football,basketball and many other sports are played in Germany, most of them are the same sports played in Canada

What are the most popular sports world wide?

The most popular sport world-wide is soccer (futball, football). Other popular sports include: cricket and baseball.

World most popular sports?


What are the most popular sports games?