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Derek Jeter played for the "Maroon Giants"Baseball team at Kalamazoo Central High School.

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Baseball and Basketball.

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Q: What other sports did Derek Jeter play in high school?
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What team was Derek Jeter on before the yakees?

Derek Jeter was never on any other MLB team other than the New York Yankees.

What other number did Derek Jeter wear?

Derek Jeter has worn the number 2 since he started playing baseball with the Yankees in 1995.

Has Derek Jeter been at any other position besides shortstop?

No, he has not. Derek Jeter has always played the shortstop position. He has also started games as a designated hitter.

How did Derek Jeter make an impact on other peoples lives?

Help the world? Are you kidding! Jeter is a baseball player, and a very good one, but he is not a world changer or helper.

Has Derek Jeter ever played a position other than shortstop-even for an inning?

No. Derek Jeter has always played the shortstop position. He has started games as a designated hitter.

What is Derek Jeter afraid of?

Nothing. Derek Jeter gets nervous in certain situations like any other human being, but as far as baseball is concerned, he is not afraid of anything.

What other businesses is Derek Jeter involved in?

In 1996, Derek Jeter began the Turn 2 Foundation. This is a charity organization which helps children and teenagers avoid alcohol and drug addiction.

What year did Derek Jeter play for the Texas Rangers?

Derek Jeter has always been a member of the New York Yankees. He never played for any other Major League team.

Is Baseball a go-sport for you?

It really depends on the person you are asking. If you were asking me, I would say that I prefer other sports, while Derek Jeter would most definitely say yes.

Does Derek Jeter have any siblings?

Derek Jeter only has one sister and she is younger than Derek. Sharlee Jeter and Derek were incredibly close to each other growing up and have continued to remain best friends throughout the years. She has a son who is the nephew to Derek and he is extremely close to him as well.

Is Derek Jeter the youngest New York Yankees captain?

The New York Yankees current team captain is Derek Jeter.

Has Derek Jeter played for other teams?

No, he has played his entire seventeen year career with the New York Yankees.