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Pretty much all sports except for Ice Hockey, and a few less-known sports, specially in the Catalonian and Basque regions.

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Q: What other sports besides soccer do they play in Spain?
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What other sports besides soccer do people in Egypt play?

they play alot of other sports

What other sports do they play besides soccer in Mexico?

They play baseball too

What other sports are played in Finland besides soccer and hockey?

Skiing, figure skating, tennis and swimming, among others.

What games do they play in Spain?

In Spain there are many different types of games that are played. Some popular card games include Mus, and tute. Checkers and dominoes are also popular in Spain. Children in Spain enjoy playing hide and seek.Soccer is the main sport in Spain. Other big sports in Spain would be golf, tennis, cycling, motor sports and water sports, amongst others.

How was soccer compered to other sports?

not like most sports on soccer you use your legs

What separates soccer from all other sports?

soccer is dumber than most sports

What is soccer called in Spain?

Soccer in Spain, Mexico and other Spanish countries is called futbol.

What are some commonly played sports in Spain?

traditional played sport is soccer. There are many other sports played: Cycling, bullfighting which are been around since 17th century

What sports do you do in Italy?

Soccer and all other sports carried out in other parts of the world

What are other sports related to soccer?


Is soccer more dangerous than other sports?

Soccer is more dangerous than certain sports, but not all other sports. Soccer is not more dangerous than American Football, Boxing, Kickboxing, or Wrestling.

What other sports besides soccer is played in Africa?

Rugby and Cricket, as well as tennis, golf, cross-country running, track, swimming, among others.

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