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Swimming, Triathlon

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Q: What other sport did Lance Armstrong participate in?
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With which sport is lance Armstrong associated?


What sport does lance Armstrong play?


What sport is lance Armstrong most associated with?


What sport would you associate lance Armstrong?


Who has taken performance enhancing drugs in sport?

Lance Armstrong

What sport was Lance Armstrong most famously associated?

Bicycle racing.

What does Lance Armstrong enjoy wearing?

Lance Armstrong enjoys wearing athletic clothing such as Spandex. He often wears this clothing in order to compete efficiently in his sport.

With what sport is athlete lance Armstrong most famously associated?

road racing cyclist or cycling

Where can one purchase a Lance Armstrong poster?

There are many places where one can get a Lance Armstrong poster. Some places include eBay, Amazon, The Sports Poster Warehouse, Sport Photo Gallery and Zazzle.

Where can news on Lance Armstrong be found?

News about Lance Armstrong can be found from major newspapers. He's been a hot topic in news not only for his career achievements in the sport of cycling but also for the doping issues and his later confession.

Which sport does lance Armstrong compete in?

At a young age, Lance did running and swimming and competed in triathlons. However, Lance was a professional cyclist and won 7 Tour de France's after recovering from testicular cancer.

Is cycling an American sport?

Cycling is an international sport, with riders and fans all over the place. Some of those are in the US. One of the sports most popular cyclist was the now disgraced Lance Armstrong.

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