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Q: What other nba team did Micheal Jordan play on other than the Chicago bulls?
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Who among the players in Chicago Bulls is listed in the hall of fame?

As of right now there are no Chicago Bulls players in the Hall of Fame. This is because Bulls alumni Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen are not elidgable yet. Other possible Hall of Famers include Dennis Rodman and John Paxton.

What number was Micheal Jordan?

His other # was #45 briefly while on the Chicago Bulls. He was #23 then when he retired #23 was also retired so he had to wear #45 until he was traded to the wizards

Has any other chicago bulls player worn the numbers 12 and 23 and 45?

Nobody besides Michael Jordan.

Where does Michael Jordan rank among other Chicago Bulls?

Probably one of the best basketball players of all time.

What year kobe and jordan play together?

Kobe Bryant is a current player with the LA Lakers. Michael Jordan is a previous player for the Chicago Bulls. The two played each other in 1997.

I am in possession what baseball cap and am curious as to how much a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Autographed with three other signatures authenticated baseball cap worth.?

Depends upon the other signatures and the condition.

How do you get drafted to the Chicago Bulls 2k13?

I hate to break this to you, but your chances of being drafted to the Chicago Bulls (or any other team) for the 2013 season are exactly zero.

What type of clothing does Jordan Retro 12 sell?

Jordan Retro 12 is a model of shoe that is considered a retro version of sneakers that Michael Jordan once used during his playing days with the Chicago Bulls. The shoes can be found at Foot Locker, amongst other retail locations.

What other number did Michael Jordan wear?

#23 for the Tar Heels, Bulls & Wizards.

Who is the best basketball player other than Micheal Jordan and Kobe and Lebron?

Kevin garnett

Who has 6 rings from the Chicago Bulls Championship teams?

Only two players were present for all six of the Chicago Bulls' championship runs, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and Ron Harper each received three rings for the later run (1996-98) and two additional rings at other franchises.

Is Micheal Jordan more famous than the kardashians?

i would think so because i dont know what the other one is

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