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Q: What other nba team did Micheal Jordan play on other than the Chicago bulls?
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Who among the players in Chicago Bulls is listed in the hall of fame?

As of right now there are no Chicago Bulls players in the Hall of Fame. This is because Bulls alumni Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen are not elidgable yet. Other possible Hall of Famers include Dennis Rodman and John Paxton.

What number was Micheal Jordan?

His other # was #45 briefly while on the Chicago Bulls. He was #23 then when he retired #23 was also retired so he had to wear #45 until he was traded to the wizards

Where does Michael Jordan rank among other Chicago Bulls?

Probably one of the best basketball players of all time.

Has any other chicago bulls player worn the numbers 12 and 23 and 45?

Nobody besides Michael Jordan.

What year kobe and jordan play together?

Kobe Bryant is a current player with the LA Lakers. Michael Jordan is a previous player for the Chicago Bulls. The two played each other in 1997.

I am in possession what baseball cap and am curious as to how much a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Autographed with three other signatures authenticated baseball cap worth.?

Depends upon the other signatures and the condition.

What type of clothing does Jordan Retro 12 sell?

Jordan Retro 12 is a model of shoe that is considered a retro version of sneakers that Michael Jordan once used during his playing days with the Chicago Bulls. The shoes can be found at Foot Locker, amongst other retail locations.

Who has 6 rings from the Chicago Bulls Championship teams?

Only two players were present for all six of the Chicago Bulls' championship runs, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, and Ron Harper each received three rings for the later run (1996-98) and two additional rings at other franchises.

How do you get drafted to the Chicago Bulls 2k13?

I hate to break this to you, but your chances of being drafted to the Chicago Bulls (or any other team) for the 2013 season are exactly zero.

What other number did Michael Jordan wear?

#23 for the Tar Heels, Bulls & Wizards.

Who is the best basketball player other than Micheal Jordan and Kobe and Lebron?

Kevin garnett

Why did Michael Jordan go play baseball for a while?

Michael Jordan's father was murdered when Jordan was about 31 years old. His father had long dreams of his son becoming a major league baseball player. Attempting to purse his father's wishes, Jordan sign to the minor leagues with the Chicago White Sox, that was owned by the Bulls owner as well at the time. Later Jordan played on two other minor teams before returning to basketball; his true passion.

How did the bulls get their name?

"The name denoted strength and power, and it tied in to the city's meatpacking tradition and the Chicago Amphitheater's (first home court of the Bulls) proximity to the famed Chicago Stockyards. The one-syllable directness of the Bulls was also in line with Chicago's other team nicknames-Bears, (White) Sox, Cubs, and (Black) Hawks." The above is from the official NBA website.

Who is the most renowned player of all times in the team Chicago Bulls?

Michael jordan was one of the best basketball players and is know for his tallent in basketball. Most of time in his career he played fo the chicago Bull's.he had also played fo chigago white sox(MLB).the other team he played for is the wasington wizards(NBA)

What year did Chicago Bulls win the championship?

they won may times and also refer to the other question very identical to this one The Chicago Bulls won 6 times: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998.

How old was Micheal Jordan when he retired?

Micheal Jordan; due to my scientific research. My result of his age is 40 years old. Due to some other scientific research I found out as another scientific result he is 48 years old now as of 2012. From your smart scientist.

Who is the most famous African American basketball player?

Micheal Jordan but there will be other answers then this I think because this is an opinion question

Is Micheal Jordan more famous than the kardashians?

i would think so because i dont know what the other one is

Why did Micheal Jordan go play baseball?

Because he wanted to do something else instead of baseball or other sports.Basketball was his life.

Did Micheal Jordan ever fight Larry bird?

nope. jordan and bird never fought but they did trash talk to each other ALOT. besides their basketball skills, jordan and larry were also known for trash talking and being very cocky

How do you get Michael Jordan in NBA 2k9?

You can create him.Then you go to manage roster.Go to create team.If you signed Jordan to the Bulls,Go to that team and click Michael Jordan and assign him to your team.If he is a free agent,Go to Free Agents and click Michael Jordan and assign him to your team.Then get you other fourteen players.That how you do it.

What are all of Michael Jordans teams?

well i am only ten but i think it is only the Chicago bulls and then he got drafted to some other team. thanks

What team Lebron James?

New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls so far but I am pretty sure they will be others Apparently my friend isn't watching ESPN, because he is interested in 2 other teams already (Heat, Cavs) :)

How many times have the Bulls won the central division title?

According to the Chicago Bulls have finished first in the Central Division 6 times. The Bulls were part of the Midwest Division of the Western Conference when they finished first in 74-75, the only other time they finished first in their dividion. Six times as of the 2004-2005 NBA Season.

Why does Brian Scalabrine seldom play for the Chicago Bulls?

The answer is simple: Brian Scalabrine is just not a great player. He can hit the occasional shot, but other than that, he's not a great player at all.