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Q: What other hobbies besides baseball did Lou Gehrig have?
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What other hobbies besides baseball did Babe Ruth have?

Sewing. he worked in a shirt factory as a child.

Are there any Lou Gehrig postage stamps besides the 25 cent one?

There was a sheet of 33 cent baseball heros stamps that included one of Lou Gehrig. Other countries have issued stamps, St. Vincent issued one about 1992.

Did Roald Dahl have other hobbies besides writing?

science and golf

What is Ruth wakefield's hobbies?

What other Hobbies besides baking did Ruth Wakefield have

What is grant hill's hobbies?

Besides basketball Grant Hill has many other hobbies that he enjoys. These hobbies include African American art collecting, politics, and organization of children's charity activities.

What is Sebastian Sixx hobbies?

His most favorite hobbie is surfing, his other hobbies included baseball and photography.

What were Ruby Bridges's hobbies and interest?

Ruby Bridges hobbies are baseball,drawing and other outdoor games.

Did Lou Gehrig lose any games?

Yes. Lou Gehrig, like every other baseball player, has lost games during the season. He was a first baseman and part of a team.

What other hobbies does JK Rowling do other than writing?

I am not sure but besides writing harry potter books she injoyes spending time with her familiy but its just a thought

What other sports did obama play besides basketball?

golf and baseball

Did Mickey Mantle play for any other baseball team besides the Yankees?


What other hobbies does Jeff Kinney have besides books?

he is one of the creators of a website call