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Soveit Union

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Q: What other countries do NBA play against?
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What other countries do the NBA play?

Soviet Union

Does basketball players play for countries or play for their own club?

In the nba they play for their countries. For ABA basketball they play for their clubs

Did the L.A. Lakers play against Boston Celtics in the NBA finals?

no, they played against the orland magic and beaten them 4-1

What league to the New Orleans Hornets play in?

The Hornets play in the league of the NBA. I myself is a NBA fan and enjoy watching the Hornets play and many other teams I like. Hope this helped you out.

What percentage of high school basketball players play college ball?

The Percentage or High School Basketball Stars To Go On Long Term Careers In The NBA Or Proffessional Basketball In Other Countries Is About 3%. People From Other Countries Do Not Think People From Other Countries Would Do Good. Sometimes Because They Have A Different Way Of Playing. But If You Show Them What You Got You Might Get on a team. Good Luck.

What is the maximum height for a player in the NBA?

There is no height limit to be in the NBA as long as you can play and match with the other players.

Can the New York Knicks win the NBA Finals?

Yes. They will play against the Dallas Mavericks. (Just my opinion.)

How many preseason games does an NBA team play?

NBA teams will play either seven or eight preseason games depending on the team and their opponents. The preseason for the 2014-2015 season begins on October 4th and concludes on October 24th. The 2014-2015 preseason will feature three top international teams in exhibition matches against NBA opponents. Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa from Israel will be joined by Flemengo Basketball Club from Brazil to play nine matches against NBA opponents.

Why don't nba teams play back to back games against the same team?

Teams usually play one back-to-back games with one teams from their division each season. One game is played at one of the team's homecourt, and the other game is played at the other team's.

Tallest woman in NBA?

No women play in the NBA.

How do you unlock NBA 2k12 classic NBA teams?

you go to your cheat code menu and type qwertyuiop

Did a female ever play NBA?

Not in the NBA. In the WNBA, yes.