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Q: What other cities and country are selected to host the 2016 Olympics?
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Name two other Canadian cities that have hosted the Olympics?

1) Calgary - 1988 Winter Olympics2) Montreal - 1976 Summer Olympics

What other cities have hosted 2010 Winter Olympics?

The only city hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Were other cities considered before St. Paul was selected as site for state capitol?

st. peter

How many cities are there in Paris?

Paris is a town and not a country. There are no 'other cities' within Paris.

What are the best cities in Singapore?

Singapore is the country, city and state. There are no other cities in Singapore.

What other cities were in the finals with Vancouver for the 2010 winter Olympics?

PyeongChang, South Korea and Salzburg, Austria.

Where does japan people live in cities or the country?

Japanese people, as with any other country in the world, live in cities, towns, villages and in the countryside.

Why is Beijing holding the Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected it. It out voted its other rivals Toronto, Paris, Osaka and Istanbul.

What country has hosted the Winter Olympics more than any other?


What country won the most medals at the last Summer Olympics?

the united states have won more medals at the summer and winter Olympics than any other country to take place in the summer and winter Olympics.

What part of country practice polygyny?

No state condones it however it is practiced in Utah and in a selected few other parts of the country

Who decides where the Olympics takes place?

The Olympics committee. The cities who want to host it present their offer, and the committee then picks one, after thoroughly looking at their presentations and other factors.

Why is London 2012 being held in London?

London was chosen over other cities to host the summer olympics

How do you Swim in the Olympics?

To swim in the olympics, you have to be selected for your country's olympic team, which will typically be selected in the year leading up to the competition. Selection usually occurs at a national qualifying event, which you must achieve a qualifying standard to enter. In some countries the qualifying standard for the event must be met at a certain level of competition. Usually up to two atheletes will be selected for each olympic swimming event, but some teams will choose not to enter an event if they do not feel that they can compete seriously with the representatives from other countries.

What four other Georgia cities besides Atlanta hosted Olympic events?

Atlanta was the only Georgia city to host the Olympics. Other U.S. cities that have hosted the Olympics are Los Angeles (x2), Squaw Valley, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and Lake Placid (x2).

What cities border Switzerland?

Switzerland is a country. It is bordered by other countries (France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Austria), not by cities.

Did briton bomb German cities first?

Britain bombed the German military and other installations but when they could not achieve pinpoint accuracy they went to carpet bombing selected German areas and cities.

What other places were considered for the 2012 Olympics?

Paris Madrid New York City and Moscow were the final considered cities to be eliminated. The other cities that were also considered were Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, and Rio de Janeiro.

How do you hang the country state and other flags?

The country flag is generally the highest. Other flags should be lower. Except during the Olympics, when the Olympic flag is highest or equal to country flags.

What are the 3 largest cities in Singapore?

The largest city in Singapore is Singapore. There are no other cities in the country of Singapore. Singapore is a country and also one huge city in southern Asia.

Which country has been host to the most winter Olympics?

The United States has held the Winter Olympics 4 times, more than any other country. In second is France, which has hosted 3 times.

Has Ireland hosted the Olympics?

Ireland has never hosted the Olympics. However, in 2003 Ireland became the first country other than the USA to host the Special Olympics World Summer Games.

What country has hosted the Winter Olympics more than any other and name the cities and years?

The United States has hosted the Winter Olympics the most times with four: Lake Placid, New York (1932 & 1980); Squaw Valley, California (1960); Salt Lake City, Utah (2002).

Do more people in Scotland live in cities or farms?

Like every other industrialised country, the majority of people live in cities.

What city is Ecuador in?

Ecuador is a country cannot be inside any city, cities are inside countries, not the other way around... in other cases cities can BE countries, but this is not the case!