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This will help to keep your cookies alive. To stay alive. Your mom eats your cookies. So get your cookies back

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โˆ™ 2008-03-06 16:38:17
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Q: What organization help mom and pop?
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When did mom and pop grocery stores start to die out?

smaller retailers and traditional 'Mom and Pop' stores couldn't help but start dieing off due to stores such as Walmart, Kmart, Target and etc. Mom and Pop stores can't compete with the prices of the larger stores. My best guess would be somewhere in the 1980's

Which pop has most caffeine?

the answer is your mom

What are the commonwealth values as an organization?

Well, the Commonwealth values as an organization is your mom. :)

What is the definition of a business organization?

a commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it; ''he bought his brother's business''; ''a small mom-and-pop business; ''a racially integrated business concern''

Who is Raquel married to now?

mom and pop

What is a pop-off cap?


What band started in pop?

through your mom

Where did the term 'Mom and Pop' originate?


Where can I take my car to have it maintained and repaired?

I would have to go with auto zone or a mom and pop store. If you go to auto zone they could help you get a car rental and get it done faster. If you go to a mom and pop place it might take a little longer to get fixed.

Mom needs help around the house. What is the complete subject in this sentence?

Mom needs help

Why does your big toe pop?

HMMM...because it cannot,"MOM?" Gas in joints makes them pop...

Why Is eBay Purging Small Mom and Pop Sellers?

EBay has never admitted to purging small mom and pop sellers, but they do say they have suspended irregular accounts.

Where can a teenager in Denver Colorado get a job for after school?

Well you can always volunteer. Or try mom&pop stores that might need some afternoon help.

Was Selena's mom a pop singer?

No, but she did used to be a theatre actress.

What is another word for small business?

Mom and Pop shops

How many kids does mom and pop winans have?

they had 10 kids

What type of music does Adele listen to?

My mom thinks pop

What is the motto of Red Hot Organization?

The motto of Red Hot Organization is 'Fighting AIDS Through Pop Culture'.

What are mom and pop businesses?

A "mom and pop" business is typically a small, independent business owned by a single individual or a couple. Such a business would not be a large corporation or a franchise operation.

What is foreclosure help?

Foreclosure help is advice and help you can get from an organization or service that will help you through a foreclosure or help you stop a foreclosure. Foreclosure Help and Hope is an organization that can help.

Is sacra real?

yes she is real but here mom rights her songs for her and she thinks that she's the pop star but her mom is.!

What is national organization?

please help me to the question what is national organization ?

What do they call their mom and dad in England?

Mum and Pop Mum and Dad

Which episode shows Carl and Lenny in the shower?

The Mom and Pop Art

Average profit for mom and pop breakfast and lunch restaurant?