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Q: What order in the lineup does the clean up hitter bat in?
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How many batters are in a baseball lineup?

9. In the National League, all position players will receive a turn to bat. In the American League, the pitcher traditionally doesn't bat and in his spot in the lineup, a designated hitter is used.

What is The tenth player in a baseball lineup who is the designated hitter?

The designated hitter is the tenth player in a baseball lineup. Designated hitters are players that do nothing but bat. They bat in the place of one of the team's player who is out in the field. For teams with designated hitters its always the pitcher that the DH bats in place of as so the pitcher can completely focus on pitching, but technically it could be any player.

Where did joe Morgan bat in the lineup?


Where did ty cobb bat in the lineup?

Typically, he hit third in the order, though he often hit first, second or fourth as well.

When a hitter is substituted at the plate who get the at bat?

the substituted hitter gets the at bat

Is designated hitter eliminated after hitting from hitting again in the same game?

No, the designated hitter hits for the whole game unless he is replaced by another player. You may be getting the rule mixed up with the National League. If a pitcher has completed an inning and the manager feels he has done his duty on the mound, he will call in a pinch-hitter for the pitcher (if he comes to bat before they go back out on the field). That hitter will only hit for that one time, then the next pitcher will take his place in the lineup. If they happen to bat around that inning, the pinch hitter will bat again.

What is a line up in softball?

A line up in softball is the order in which each player is scheduled to bat in a game. The line up is typically written before the game starts and is usually determined by the coach or manager of the team. Generally the order of the line up will stay the same throughout the game although substitutions can be made at any time.The line up typically consists of nine players and the order is as follows: Leadoff hitter (a fast runner) Second hitter (a contact hitter) Third hitter (a power hitter) Cleanup hitter (best hitter in the lineup) Fifth hitter (another power hitter) Sixth hitter (a contact hitter) Seventh hitter (another contact hitter) Eighth hitter (a power hitter) Ninth hitter (a fast runner)The order of the line up can be changed depending on the situation. For example the coach might move a power hitter to the leadoff spot if a team needs to score more runs. Additionally the order of the line up can be changed to set up different matchups with opposing pitchers.

If a pinch hitter leads off an inning and the batting order comes around to that spot again can the pinch hitter bat again?

Yes, he's part of the batting order for that inning as designated by his manager. Yes, the "pinch hitter" would be at bat for the second time in the inning but he would no longer be considered a "pinch hitter." My question is: What is he now considered? My guess is that he would be considered as taking the position of whatever player he pinch hit for. If he bats for the shortstop, and then comes around to bat again in the same inning, in his second at bat, he would be officially in the game at shortstop.

Who are the big 3 on the New York Yankees?

In the Yankees lineup, the big 3 would be Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano. They bat third through fifth in the order.

Why does the MLB pitchers bat in one league and not the other?

In the National League pitchers are treated like any other player and must bat for their order in the lineup, in the American League the pitchers spot in the lineup can be taken by a designated hitter. Since the two leagues have different rules, They go by the rules for the ballpark they play in. If it is in a National League ball park, the pitcher hits, if it is in an American League ball park they use a DH. This applies for any regulation game, regular season and playoffs

Who was the last pitcher to bat in starting lineup in American league game?

Andy Sonnastine

Is it bad to hit seventh?

The best place to bat is 4th, or clean up hitter. As you get farther down, it means your a worse and worse batter, or your on a great team.