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Basketball it has more action

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Q: What one is better baseball or basketball?
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What is a better sport Basketball or Baseball?

Basketball is a better sport

Which is a better sport baseball or basketball?

It could be either one. Whichever one someone likes better, they will say it is better.

Is the basketball team or baseball team better in Connecticut?


Is baseball better than basketball?

It depends on person to person, but for playing basketball requires less equipment and players. In watching basketball is more popular, but baseball is fun to watch too. I would rate basketball over baseball, but then again depends on person to person. Any answer would be opinionated; some people like baseball better, and others like basketball better.

Is basketball better than rugby?

no way never Baseball is way better then rugby ... ( i cant name one player let alone a team)

Why do people like baseball better than basketball?

I personally like basketball more, but I believe some people like WATCHING baseball more because it is easier to watch and follow than basketball.

What is a baseball pass in basketball?

when you through the basketball with one hand beside your head really hard like a baseball throw.

Is basketball or music better?

To a musician, music would be better ... to one who plays sports, basketball would be be better. It all depends upon which one any individual likes over the other. Both basketball and music are equally liked.

Write an interrogative sentence containing a compound subject joined by or?

Which sport is better, basketball or baseball

Which is better basketball or rugby?


What is Joes favorite sport basketball or baseball?

Actually, his favorite sport is wiffle ball, which is basically the same as baseball, so between baseball and basketball, baseball is probably the one he favors more.

Is basketball better than netball?

Basketball is way, way better!

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