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Rio de Janiero in 2016

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Q: What olympic host city is located farthest to the equator?
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Which Olympic host city is located the nearest the equator?

Rio de Janiero in 2016

Which city Athens Perth or Sydney is furthest from the equator?

Perth is the furthest from the equator among Athens, Perth, and Sydney. It is located at a latitude of about 31 degrees south, while Sydney is around 34 degrees south and Athens is approximately 37 degrees north of the equator.

What major city in the Southern Hemisphere is farthest from the equator?

Wellington, New Zealand is the major city in the Southern Hemisphere that is farthest from the equator. It is located at a latitude of around 41°S.

What city is farthest from the Equator?

Helsinki, Finland is the farthest city from the Equator. After Helsinki, there is Moscow, Berlin, London, Bucharest, and Madrid.

What olympic host city is located nearest to the equator?

Lillehammer, Norway at 61 degrees, 8 minutes North.Lillehammer hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics.

What city is located the farthest from a river in Mesopotamia?


What is northernmost city?

A northernmost city means a city located farthest north of a location.

Which Canadian capital city is located farthest east?

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador is the Canadian capital city that is located farthest east.

What capital city is located the equator?


What is the latitude address of a city located on the equator?

The latitude of every point on the equator is zero.

Persian city located farthest east on the royal road?


In what borough of New York is the Olympic Stadium located?

There is no Olympic Stadium in New York City.