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Q: What oil goes in the 70 cc Baja dirt runner?
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Do you mixed gas for a 90cc baja dirt bike?

you only use mixed oil if its a 2-stroke dirtbike

How do you change oil on 70cc baja dirt runner?

There is a small 'plug' on the bottm of the engine. Put a pan under and take off the plug. Let it drain and give the bike a few small shakes to get the excess out. To put new oil in, look for the oil cap on the left side of the bike, open it and put in the new oil. Then close the cap and your ready to ride.

How much oil for 2009 Honda 80cc dirt bike?

how much engine oil goes in an 80cc dirt bike

What kind of oil goes in a jianshe 80cc dirt bike?

SAE 10w30

What oil goes in a 80cc 4 stroke dirt bike?

Depends on the manufacturer as to what type and weight oil to use.

How much oil goes in a Yamaha 50 dirt bike?

a quart and a half, approximately...

How much oil goes in a 2001 Honda xr70r dirt bike?

half a quart and check it.

What Oil type for baja warrior mini bike?


How can you tell when your dirt bike needs oil?

your dirt wont start because if there is no oil there is no oil compression which will cause your dirt bike to not start Answer Before it gets to that point, perform regular maintenance and oil changes. This will increase the life of your engine.

How much oil goes into a Yamaha yz80 dirt bike and what type of oil?

a half of quart 2 stroke .....2 stroke oil mixes with the gas only!!! use automatic transmission fluid type f for your gear oil..DO NOT USE 2 STROKE OIL FOR GEAR OIL!!!!

How much oil does a 197cc mini baja bike hold?

When you change the oil put in 0.53 qt. (0.5) L

What is inside pimples?

dirt and oil