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109 or 108 octane fuel is used

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Q: What octane fuel is allowed in formula 1 cars?
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What fuel does cars uses?

Cars use gasoline. Usually 87 octane.

Do fuel efficient cars typically use higher octane gasoline?

No, higher octane fuel is only necessary for higher performance cars. Highly efficient cars can usually use the lowest octane fuels, because they are not designed for performance.

Indy Racing League cars use what fuel and what makes it different from the fuel used in Nascar and Formula One cars?

Indycars and F1 cars use alcohol-based fuels. NASCAR uses high-octane gasolines.

What fuel do f1 cars run on?

Petrol - with a high octane content !

What kind of fuel do jet cars use?

High octane kerosene

What do sports cars run on?

Generally a Sports car is a higher than normal performance vehicle so Premium or high octane fuel is recommended.Race cars use racing fuel ( over 100 octane )

Can Nissan Sentra super saloon cars run on RON 95 octane fuel?

no it can not

What is high octane fuel?

Regular unleaded fuel is 87 octane. High octane fuel is any fuel higher than regular. 89 and 91 octane being the most common the consumer can buy. High octane fuel is not needed in most cars and is a waste of money if your car does not need it. It provides no benefit whatsoever in a vehicle designed to run on Regular. Octane is only a measure of how well the fuel prevents pre-detonation in a high compression engine.

What is the difference in gas grades?

The grades gasoline are the different octane ratings, the cheapest gas has the least octane. The lower the octane in the gasoline, the faster it will burn. High performance cars need high octane fuel.

What fuel grade for 95 Pontiac firebird formula?

91-93 octane premium

Can you use 91 octane gas on a 93 octane gas car?

New cars with knock sensors to adjust ignition timing can run on lower-octane fuel, but you lose power.

What octane gas use in a 1994 mitsuBISHI 3000gt sl?

91 octane there should also be a sticker inside the fuel door that will tell you what the cars requirement is

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