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Q: What occurs when a person is blocked or prevented from achieving a desired goal or fulfilling a perceived need?
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When can frustration lead to anger?

Frustration can lead to anger when a person feels blocked, thwarted, or hindered in achieving a desired goal or outcome. This inability to achieve what they want can result in feelings of anger due to the perceived injustice or obstacles in their way.

What is the definition of the word blocked?

The definition of the word blocked is: to stop, prevent from proceeding, halt or otherwise impede such that a forward progression is impaired or prevented.

Blocked eustachian tube?

The Eustachian tube is located within the human ear. If the Eustachian tube is blocked, air is prevented from passing through to the middle ear.

How can blocked veins be prevented?

Well, it is possibly there may be certain foods that can block veins in the body.

What is another word for not allowed?

prohibited, banned, blocked, restricted, supressed, unpermitted, prevented... banished?

What French naval commander blocked Cornwallis from the water?

L'Amiral De Grasse with the battle of Chesapeake Bay, blocked Lord Cornwallis and prevented him to receive any support by sea.

What is blocked light?

Light is blocked by light form

What causes a cows teat to become blocked?

There are three main causes of cows teats becoming blocked. These are: Injury, mastitis, and inherited. Injury and mastitis are both the most common reasons. They are painful and can be prevented.

What fleet blocked the chesapeake bay and prevented the british from receiving supplies?

French NEW RESPONDENT The French Fleet commanded by Admiral De Grasse.

What state or empire blocked Muslims from uniting the Mediterranean region?

The Byzantine Empire and the Kingdom of France jointly prevented the Muslims from overrunning the European side of the Mediterranean.

What would happen to people exposed to a chemical warfare agent that blocked acetylcholine from binding to muscle receptors?

Muscle contractions would be prevented, causing paralysis.

Why didn't Columbus know America blocked his route to the indies?

He was the first European to sail west and this was the first time that maps were being invented. Furthermore, before this time, the world was perceived to be flat.