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Eden Hazard's number at Chelsea FC will be number 17.

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Actually now he have the number 10 in Chelsea FC.

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This is currently his first season with the European giants.

Note: 2012

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Q: What number will Eden Hazard be at Chelsea FC?
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Who is Chelsea fc number 17?

As of 2012 Eden Hazard is Chelsea FC number 17.

How many goals has Eden Hazard scored for Chelsea?

Florent Malouda has scored 22 headered goals for Chelsea FC this season ! Answer by C.... B ......

What is the number of the french players who played in Chelsea fc?

Two, Malouda and new signing Hazard.

What is Fernando Torres' kit number at Chelsea FC?

He is currently number 9 for Chelsea FC. (2012)

Who is number eight for Chelsea fc?

Frank Lampard is currently wearing the number 8 for Chelsea FC. :)

Who wore number 5 at Chelsea FC?

Michael Essien wore number 5 at Chelsea FC. He is a midfielder footballer.

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Why is the Chelsea FC named Chelsea FC?

it is located in the Chelsea and kensington borough

When was Chelsea fc started?

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905.

Who hates Chelsea FC?

everyone hates Chelsea fc

Who is the Chelsea FC mascot?

Stamford the Lion is the Chelsea FC mascot

Who wears the number 30 shirt in Chelsea fc?

Rhys Taylor.