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Thre great man wore number 8.

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Q: What number was trevor francis for Birmingham city fc?
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Who has trevor francis played for?

I know he definitely played for Birmingham City

Who was the first 1m transfer between british clubs?

Trevor Francis, 1979, Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest

Who is the Pope of Birmingham?

There is no specific pope of Birmingham. There is only one Pope and that currently is Pope Francis in Vatican City. He is the pope of the entire Church, including Birmingham.

What is the phone number of the Birmingham Public - Pratt City Branch in Birmingham?

The phone number of the Birmingham Public - Pratt City Branch is: 205-798-5071.

Who became the second million pound transfer in football history?

Trevor Francis was recognised as the first £1,000,000 player but the actual fee of the transfer was £999,999. Actually £1 short of the million pound mark. But Francis is still known as the 1 million pound playerTrevor francis. Birmingham to Nottingham forest 1 Million

Who was the first football transfer over 100000 between English clubs?

Sol campbell was the first british player in 2001 to earn 100k a week.

What number does barry Ferguson wear for Birmingham city?


Which city is the number two in England?

Birmingham (second after London)

Who was the fırst mıllıon pound englısh football player?

Trevor Francis was transferred from Birmingham city to Nottingham Forest in February 1979 for £999,999 as Brian Clough joked he didn't want the pressure of being the first million pound player to affect him. The true figure was over £1.1M including taxes.

What city do Birmingham city play in?


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Ryan Davis age 11

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Birmingham airport is IN Birmingham city Birmingham airport is by this farm i can't remember what it's called though from Leah Cox Age 13 - Birmingham