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Q: What number was Micheal Jordan in the US dream team?
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How much is the dream team cards worth?

Larry bird, micheal Jordan ,magic Johnson

Who wore number 23 in team Chicago bulls?

Micheal Jordan!

What team is Micheal Jordan playing in now?

No team

Why did Michael Jordan wear number 9 on the dream team?

his dad was number 9

What team Micheal Jordan plays for?

LA Lakers

Which team did Micheal Jordan play for after the bulls?

The Wizards

What NBA team does MIcheal Jordan own?

Charlette Bob Cats

Basketball team of Micheal Jordan in NBA?

Bulls and Wizards

What were the names of the people on the first basketball team?

Micheal jordan

What basketball team is Micheal Jordan part owner of?

Michael Jordan is the part owner the Charlotte Bobcats.

How do you put Micheal Jordan in a different team in nba2k11?

Send a trade request for a different team.

Did Michael Jordan wear the 5 jersey for the dream team?

No, Michael Jordan wore #9 for the Dream Team. Magic Johnson wore #5. Click on the '1992 Dream Team' link below to see a picture, albeit a small one, of the team. Jordan is standing to the right of coach Chuck Daly.

How many times did Micheal Jordan retire on the bulls team?


What team did Micheal Jordan go to after bulls?

Washington Wizards 2003

What team did Micheal Jordan win six championships with?

The Chicago Bulls

What team does Micheal Jordan played in 2008?

he didnt play in 2008

What tow team did Micheal Jordan play in his career?

bulls and wizards

What team was Michal Jordan on in basketball?

Micheal Jordon was drafted by and was with the Chicago Bulls.

What team did Micheal Jordan play for in high school?

Laney High School

Which F1 grand prix team did Micheal schumacher first driive for?


What team did Micheal Jordan play on when he played baseball?

Chicago White Sox

What college basketball team did Micheal Jordan play for?

University of North Carolina

What was Michael Jordans numbers?

Michael Jordan's number was 23, for olympic dream team he was worn 9 and after the retirement he used 45 for quite some time..

Micheal Jordon's pro team?

Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

What team did Micheal Jordan play before he ritired the first time?

Chicago Bulls