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Bob Griese wore #12 for the Dolphins.

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Q: What number was Bob Griese for the Dolphins?
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What Miami Dolphins players wore number 12?

Bob Griese.

Who was the quarterback for the 1975 dolphins?

Bob Griese

How tall is was Bob Griese of the Maimi Dolphins?

6' 1"

When was bob griese quarterback for Miami Dolphins?


What football team did Bob Griese play for?

College - Purdue NFL - Miami Dolphins

In 1974 who was the quarter back for the Miami Dolphins?

Bob Griese was the starter and Earl Morrill was the backup.

What has the author Bob Griese written?

Bob Griese has written: 'Offensive football' -- subject(s): Football, Offense 'Perfection' -- subject(s): Miami Dolphins (Football team), SPORTS & RECREATION / Football

Who were he 2 quarterbacks playing in the Miami Dolphins when they won the Super Bowl?

Bob Griese and Earl Morral

Who was the quarterback the two times the Miami Dolphins won the super bowl?

Robert Allen "Bob" Griese .

How many superbowl rings does bob griese have?

2 ... Super Bowls VII and VIII with the Miami Dolphins.

How tall is Bob Griese?

Bob Griese is 6' 1".

What is the birth name of Bob Griese?

Bob Griese's birth name is Robert Allen Griese.