What number shirt is dan Carter?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: What number shirt is dan Carter?
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What number does rugby player Dan Carter wear?


What number does dan carter play in rugby?

Number 10 - fly half

What number all black jersey does Dan carter wear?


Does dan carter have pets?

yes dan carter has a cat and an alligator

Is Dan Carter the All Black Married?

Dan Carter is not married.

Who does like dan carter?

every body likes dan carter he is famous

When was Dan Carter born?

Dan Carter was born on 1982-03-05.

Who's Better Jonny Wilkinson or Dan Carter?

dan carter by far

Is dan carter retired?

Dan Carter went to France to play with Toluone

Who is Dan Carter's mother?

She is Anna Carter.

Did Dan Carter attend Playcentre?

Yes, as a matter of fact Dan Carter did attend Playcentre.

Does dan Carter has children?

Hi There! Dan Carter does not have any children! Hope that helped :D