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He wears number 10 for England.

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Q: What number shirt does Wayne Rooney wear for England?
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What number is Wayne Rooneys England shirt?

Wayne Rooney's shirt number is 10 playing for Manchester United and England.

Who wears the number 10 shirt for England?

Wayne Rooney obviously....

What shirt number does Wayne Rooney have on England?

Wayne Roney wears Jersey number 10 for both England and Manchester United.

Who wears the number 10 shirt for England football team?

Wayne Rooney.

Has Wayne Rooney ever worn the number 9 shirt whilst playing for England?


Who wear shirt number 10 in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney of England Currently wears the #10 shirt for ManU as of 2013.

What position does Wayne Rooney play?

striker Wayne Mark Rooney is the forward for both Manchester United and the England national team. Rooney joined Manchester United in 2004 for £25.6 million with the number 8 shirt.

What shirt number does Wayne Rooney wear for man utd?


Who wairs the number 10 shirt for Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

Why doesn't Wayne Rooney wear 10 for England?

"Wayne Rooney does not wear the jersey numbered 10 . As the No 10 jersey was given to Michel Owen much earlier." Wayne Rooney wore the No.10 shirt against the Ukraine? Has he taken over the number from Michael Owen?

What is Roonys shirt number for England?

Rooney wears number 10.

Is John Rooney's brother Wayne Rooney?

Yes, John Rooney's brother is Wayne Rooney. Wayne plays as a striker in the Premier League in England, He is currently playing in Manchester United FC, Wearing the number 10 shirt for MUFC. :) (2012)