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Roy Keane wore the number 16 shirt at Manchester United.

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Q: What number shirt did roy keane wear for manutd?
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Last player to wear number 7 shirt for Liverpool?

Robbie Keane!

What number did duncan Edwards wear when playing for manutd?


First number beckham wear for manutd?

7-not sure if first though

What number did Roy Keane wear for republic of Ireland?


What number shirt does arsnelas emmanuel adebayor wear?

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The best players to wear number 16 soccer?

Roy Keane

List of players to wear the number 7 Liverpool jersey?

robbie keane

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It was number 16.

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What number jersey did roy keane wear when playing for Manchester unites?

16 !!! keano!! for Manchester united skum, robbie keane, for liverfool... i mean Liverpool was 7