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Number 7

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Q: What number shirt did Stanley matthews wear for England?
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Who on the England football team wears the number 7 shirt?

Ashley Young wears the number 11 shirt for England

Gerrard's number on the New England shirt?

number 10

What is Roonys shirt number for England?

Rooney wears number 10.

Who wears the number 7 shirt in the 2010 England team?

Aaron Lennon has the number 7 shirt for this World Cup.

What is the number one song in England?

t-shirt by shontelle

What is steven Gerrard's England shirt number 2010?


Who wears England number 6 football shirt?

John Terry

What shirt number does Wayne Rooney have on England?

Wayne Roney wears Jersey number 10 for both England and Manchester United.

What was the England shirt number for Geoff hurst in 1966 world cup?

It was 10.

Who wear shirt number 10 in Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney of England Currently wears the #10 shirt for ManU as of 2013.

What is Matt upson's shirt number for England in the 2010 world cup finals?


Has Wayne Rooney ever worn the number 9 shirt whilst playing for England?