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Florida Gators

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Q: What number one team was beat by the Georgia Bulldogs?
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What is the name of University of Georgia's baseball team?


Who is the coach of the Georgia bulldogs football team?

Mark Richt is the University of Georgia's head coach for the football team

What is Adam Sandlers favorite college football team?

orgon ducks

What is the nickname of the university of Georgia football team?

the bulldogs. How bout them dawgs. go you silver britches.

What team do bulldog cufflinks represent?

Bulldog cufflinks can represent the athletic teams for Butler University, known as the Butler Bulldogs. The cufflinks could also represent the athletic teams for the University of Georgia known as the Georgia Bulldogs.

How many dogs was used as Georgia bulldogs football team mascot?

there have been 7 dogs used for the mascot

Highest score by one team?

The Georgia Tech Engineers scored 214 points against the Cumberland Bulldogs in 1916.

What has the author Dave Helwig written?

Dave Helwig has written: 'Undeniably dawg' -- subject(s): Football, Georgia Bulldogs (Football team), Miscellanea, Poetry, University of Georgia