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No. 4 previously worn by Patrick Vieira

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4 for Barcelona and 10 for Spain

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Q: What number jersey does fabregas wear?
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What number jersey did fabregas wear for his arsenal debut against Rotherham?


What soccer players wear number 4?

Different players from different clubs wear the number 4 jersey. Phil Jones wears the number 4 jersey for Manchester United, Fabregas for Chelsea, and Per Mertesacker for Arsenal.

What number does fabregas wear?

Fabregas plays for Barcelona and wears the number 4 shirt.

What is the jersey number of fabregas in arsenal?

Generally four but sometimes 10 or 18

What boots does Fabregas wear?

nike tiempo

What number did Joe Dumars wear on his jersey?

He wore No.4 on his jersey.

What jersey number does colston wear?


What kind of football shoe does fabregas wear?


What number does gourcuff wear for France?

He wears the number 8 jersey.

What jersey number did Cy Young Wear?

He wore the number 19.

What number jersey does Anquan Boldin wear?

He wears number 81

What jersey number did marshall faulk wear?

He wore number 28.