What number is the jets qb?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: What number is the jets qb?
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Who Wears Number 6 for the New York Jets?

Mark Sanchez QB

Who last wore jersey number 12 for the New York Jets?

QB Joe Namath in 1976.

Who is the QB for the New York Jets?

Mark Sanchez.

How many players and who wore number 4 for the New York Jets?

QB Pat Ryan (1978-80), P Dave Jennings ('87 only), P Louie Aguiar ('91-93), QB Glenn Foley ('95-98), P Toby Gowin ('04) and QB Brett Favre ('08) have worn uniform No. 4 in games for the Jets.

Who is going to be the new qb for the New York Jets?

In the 2008 season, Brad Smith dressed for 14 games as backup QB and Kellen Clemens dressed for 2 games.

Who wore number 11 for the Jets in 1980?

That would be Craig Penrose, The QB in 1980 You can find that out here:

Who is the oldest starting QB in 2008?

Brett Favre of the New Jersey Jets is the oldest starting qb in the league. He is 39 years old.

Who was the quarterback for the Jets before Mark Sanchez?

Joe Namath joined the Jets in 1965. The starting QB for the Jets in 1964 was Dick Wood. Mike Taliaferro and Pete Liske were the backups in 1964.

Where is ken O'Brien former jets qb today?

He was recently an assistant coach at USC.

Has the New York Jets ever have a black starting quarterback?

In the 1999 season, Ray Lucas started 9 games at QB for the Jets, going 6-3.

Who was New England Patriots quarterback 1990?

The 1990 New England Patriots had three starting quarterbacks Steve Grogan, Marc Wilson, and Tom Hodson.1 vs the Dolphins - starting qb: Steve Grogan2 @ the Colts - starting qb: Steve Grogan3 @ the Bengals - starting qb: Marc Wilson4 vs the Jets - starting qb: Marc Wilson5 vs the Seahawks - starting qb: Marc Wilson6 Bye Week7 @ the Dolphins - starting qb: Marc Wilson8 vs the Bills - starting qb: Steve Grogan9 @ the Eagles - starting qb: Steve Grogan10 vs the Colts - starting qb: Marc Wilson11 @ the Bills - starting qb: Marc Wilson12 @ the Cardinals - starting qb: Tom Hodson13 vs the Chiefs - starting qb: Tom Hodson14 @ the Steelers - starting qb: Tom Hodson15 vs the Redskins - starting qb: Tom Hodson16 @ the Jets - starting qb: Tom Hodson17 vs the Giants - starting qb: Tom Hodson

Is roger Vick Michael vicks dad?

Yes roger Vick is his dad. Roger vick was a RB for the Jets Michael Vick is (as of 2011) a QB for the Eagles he was also a QB for the Falcons