What number is ronaldinho?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Ronaldinho wears the number 80, in AC Milan.

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Ronoldhino wears the jersey number 10 for Brazil.

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Q: What number is ronaldinho?
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What number player is ronaldinho?

Number 10

What number is Ronaldinho's Brazilian shirt?

It is 10 for Brazil.

What famous football players have worn the number 80?


What number shirt Ronaldinho had in 2002 world cup?


What number does rolandinho?

Ronaldinho wears #10 for Atletico Mineiro.

What number shirt does ronaldinho play in?

Number 80 for AC Milan and 10 for Brazil

What number did messi have before ronaldinho left?

it was either 18 or 19

What famous soccer players wear number 48?

Cristiano Ronaldo is number 28.

Who is better Ronaldinho or Henry?

Henry and ronaldinho and messi and Cristiano ronaldo are the best

What is Ronaldinho's number at A.C. Milan?

Ronaldinho made a decision that will be with him for the rest of the season. The Brazilian ace now knows his squad number, after Milan unveiled the official jerseys for the 2008/2009 season. Ronaldinho will have a number 80 in his shirt.The Brazilian failed to keep his 10 because Dutch Clarence Seedorf is the "owner" of that number at Milan, and did not give it up.Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani stated they never ask any of their players to release their numbers to a new signing because that would mean "a lack of respect".The reason behind the choice for the number is that Ronaldinho was born in 1980.

What country does Ronaldinho play for?

AC milan and he is number 80 and he is brazillian

Why do ronaldinho were the number 80 shirt?

Because he was born on 1980, so he took 19-80. seedorf wears 10 which ronaldinho used in barca so now he uses 80