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David Ortiz wears number 34.

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Q: What number is David Ortiz?
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What is David Ortiz's number on the Boston Red Sox?

David Ortiz is number 34 on the Boston Red Sox.

What is David Ortiz's jersey number?


What is David ortiz' baseball number?


What is David ortiz phone number?

This information is unavailable.

Where is David ortiz wife from?

David Ortiz's wife is from Kaukauna,WI

Why does David Ortiz wear the number 34?

To honor Kirby Puckett.

How much does David Ortiz weigh?

David Ortiz is listed at 230 lbs.

What is the fan mail address of David Americo Ortiz?

What is David Ortiz's email?

When was David Ortiz born?

David Ortiz was born on November 18, 1975.

What is David Ortiz's birthday?

David Ortiz was born on November 18, 1975.

What is David Ortiz's age?

After 2008 David Ortiz was 36 years old.

Why is david ortiz wearing number 42 today?

to honor Jackie Robinson

Who is better David Ortiz or Joey Votto?


How old is David ortiz right now?

David ortiz was born on November 18th in 1975. So right now David Ortiz is 35 years old.

Does David Ortiz bat right or left?

MLB player David Ortiz bats left.

Does David Ortiz throw right or left?

MLB player David Ortiz throws left.

What MLB team does David Ortiz play for?

David Ortiz plays for the Boston Red Sox.

What was the year David Ortiz married Tiffiny Ortiz?


Is David ortiz married?

David Ortiz is an American baseball player, known for playing for the Boston Red Sox. He is married to Tiffany Ortiz.

When did david ortiz start playing in the MLB?

David Ortiz startednhis career with the Minnesota Twins in 1997

Where did david ortiz go to high school?

David Ortiz went to Estudia Espallat High School

What is David Ortiz real name?

David Aryes

What does David Ortiz like to do?

David Ortiz likes to practice playing baseball. He also like to play basketball

When did David Ortiz win the home run derby?

David Ortiz won the Home Run Derby in 2010.

David ortiz married?