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Ronoldhino wears the number 80 at a.c.Milan.

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Q: What number does ronaldinho wear?
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What famous soccer players wear number 48?


What number is ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho wears the number 80, in AC Milan.

What number player is ronaldinho?

Number 10

What is ronaldinho's phone number?


What size shoe does Ronaldinho wear?

size 5 and sex and the city

What is ronaldinho number?

Ronoldhino wears the jersey number 10 for Brazil.

What number is ronaldinho on Brazil?

number 10 in Brazil and 80 on milan

What number jersey is ronaldinho?

At AC Milan 80.

What number is Ronaldinho's Brazilian shirt?

It is 10 for Brazil.

What number does rolandinho?

Ronaldinho wears #10 for Atletico Mineiro.

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 11?

ronaldinho has

What famous football players have worn the number 80?


What number shirt Ronaldinho had in 2002 world cup?


Did messi wear number 19 for Barcelona?

Yes, he did, from 2005 to 2008. Messi wore number 30 in his first match for Barcelona in 2004. He then wore number 19 from 2005 to 2008, when Ronaldinho was still on the team wearing number 10. Traditionally, the number 10 jersey on a team is reserved for the best player on the team. Messi then inherited the number 10 jersey in 2008 after Ronaldinho went to AC Milan.

What number shirt does ronaldinho play in?

Number 80 for AC Milan and 10 for Brazil

Who wore the number 10 jersey for Barcelona before Messi?


What number did messi have before ronaldinho left?

it was either 18 or 19

Is Ronaldinho dead?

No, Ronaldinho is not dead. His father died when he was eight, but ronaldinho is definatley not Dead!

Who is better Henry or ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho by miles

Ronaldinho's team name and country?

AC milan and he is number 80 and he is brazillian

Who is number ten in Barcelona?

Messi is number 10 in Barcelona since Ronaldinho went to Ac Milan

Who si better zidane or ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho is better.

Is Ronaldinho single?

ronaldinho is married toshan giggs

What is the full name of Ronaldinho?

what is the full name of ronaldinho

What is ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho is a skillful famous soccer player