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He plays for Los Angeles Galaxy and plays as number 23.

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David Beckham wore jersey number 23 while at Real Madrid, it was formerly worn by Pedro Munitis.

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Q: What number does beckham soccer wear?
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What famous soccer players wear number 23?

Andrey Arshavin . . . David Beckham

Which famous soccer players worn jersey number 15 7?

Fotballers to wear the number 15 jersey are Andrei Arshavin, Footballers to wear 7 are David Beckham, Eric Cantona, Tomas Rosicky, Christiano Ronaldo.

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What number does David Beckham now wear?

He wears number 23

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When was David Beckham Soccer created?

David Beckham Soccer was created on 2001-11-23.

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When did David Beckham's Soccer USA end?

David Beckham's Soccer USA ended on 2007-10-17.

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kid, Beckham has won my heart!

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7-not sure if first though

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