What number does Raul wear?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What number does Raul wear?
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When did raul wear the number 11 shirt for real Madrid?

Raul always wears number 7.

What number will raul albiol wear at real Madrid?

he will be given number 18

What number did Raul Meireles wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Raul Meireles wore jersey number 16 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What number did raul have in 1994 for real Madrid?

Raul has always worn his number 7 jersey.

What boots does Raul Albiol wear?

adidas predtaor lz

Which spanish team does raul Gonzalez blanco play?

Raul is number 7 for Real Madrid in spain. he is a striker along with Ruud VanNistelroy

Raul gonsalis franciscon c rono?

Raul is the Real Madrid and Spains striker , he wears jersey number 9 at Real madrid.

Which individual has scored the highest number of goals in football history?

raul gonzalez

Who wears number 7 in real madrid?

Christiano Ronaldo used to be Raul's

What players have worn liverpools number 7 shirt?

Raul Gonzalez

Where was Raul Castro from?

raul is from Cuba

What famous male soccer players wear 7?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Kaka, Raul, Franck Ribery, Alexander Pato,