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Q: What number does Patrick marleau wear hockey?
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What hockey players wear the number 00 in the nhl?


Does any hockey player wear number 56?

rick tabberachi

What number did Patrick Ewing wear in Seattle?

Ewing wore # 33.

What number did patrick vierra wear for arsenal?

From 1996-2005.

Which hockey players wear yerseys with number 26?

You have Patrik Elias on the Devils as one.

What number did Patrick Pemberton wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Patrick Pemberton wore jersey number 18 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who wear jersey number 6?

Patrick Ewing wore no. 6 in the Olympics game.

What famous soccer players wear number 24?

Patrick vierea

What footwear does a hockey player wear?

a ice hockey boot

What can you wear for Saint Patrick's Day?

It is traditional to wear green for Saint Patrick's Day.

What should you wear for St. Patrick's Day?

It is common to wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

What do you wear if your on an ice hockey team?

hockey equipment ya dumb...