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Rusty Staub wore number two numbers while playing for the Mets:

  1. From 4/15/72 to 10/2/74 he wore #4
  2. From 4/8/75 to 9/28/75 and from 4/9/81 to 10/6/85 he wore #10
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Q: What number did rusty staub wear for the NY Mets?
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Sports players who wear number 10?

Sparky Anderson / Reds Manager Phil Rizutto / Yankees Manager Ron Santo /Cubs Rusty Staub / Expos Pele /Soccer

Did anyone ever wear the number 14 for the NY Mets?

Gil Hodges did and the Mets retired it

What number did Davey Johnson wear with the Mets?

Davey Johnson wore number 5 when he managed the Mets from 1984 to 1990.

What number did Dwight Gooden wear for the Mets?

Number 16

Who was most famous Mets player to wear number 5?

David Wright

Who is number is 27 for the mets?

The last NY Mets player to wear number 27 was pitcher Nelson Figueroa. He has since become a free agent after the 2008 season.

What number is chris young on the mets?

Chris Young, a former all-star pitcher of the San Diego Padres, recently signed to be one of the newest starting pitchers with the New York Mets and will reportedly wear number 55.

What number did Carlos Gomez wear as a Met?

Carlos Gomez played one season with the Mets (2007) and wore #27.

What number did baseball player Nolan Ryan wear?

When he played with the: * Mets #30 * Angels #30 * Astros #34 * Rangers #34

What number did Yogi Berra wear for the New York Mets?

Yogi Berra played a total of four games for the New York Mets (1965), he wore #8. He also wore #8 as the Mets coach (1965-1972) and manager (1972-1975).

What number did Joe Torre wear when he managed the Braves?

Joe Torre wore number 9 when he was the Braves manager in the early 1980s. It was the same uniform number that he wore as a player for the Mets and Cardinals.

Last player for mets to wear 42?

mo vaughn

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