What number did posada wear?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: What number did posada wear?
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What number does Jorge Posada wear?

Jorge Posada wears the number 20 for the New York Yankees.As of May,2011.

What number did posada wear in 1996?

Jorge Posada Number 55Jorge Posada wore uniform number 55 during the 1996 season (played in 8 games). In 1995 he wore number 62 as he appeared in one game. During the 1997 season he started with number 22, and ended the season as number 20 for good.

What type of catchers gear did Jorge Posada wear?


Who raised jeorge posada as a child?

who raised jeorge posada as a child how did jorge posada live when he was a kid wat jobs did jorge posada have when he was a teenanger

What number is Jorge Posada?

Jorge Posada has worn five numbers with the Yankees. 20- from 1997 to 2011 22- in 1997 41- in 1996 55- in 1996 62- in 1995

When was Dina Posada born?

Dina Posada was born in 1946.

When was José Posada born?

José Posada was born in 1940.

What is the population of Posada Jaśliska?

The population of Posada Jaśliska is 850.

What is the population of Posada Górna?

Posada Górna's population is 1,600.

When was Drew Posada born?

Drew Posada was born in 1969.

When did Drew Posada die?

Drew Posada died in 2007.

Is Jorge Posada Portuguese?

No. Jorge Posada is of Puerto Rican descent.