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Q: What number did ebby Calvin nuke laloosh wear?
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What names rhymes with Luke and Duke?

"Nuke" LaLoosh from Bull Durham

What are fifteen terms for nuclear energy?

1. nuke your face 2. nuke people 3. nuke the city 4. nuke the world 5. nuke things 6. nuke your school 7. nuke bad guys 8. nuke your bad stuff 9. shoot the nuke 10. nuke the fire 11. nuke the moon 12. nuke your really boring things 13. nuke this website 14. nuke robbers 15. nuke the ground

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itis an extended nuke

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NOTHING can survive a nuke.

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its te biggest nuke an thats the thing the nuke hit japan

What actors were in bull durham?

The 1988 film entitled Bull Durhamfeatured the following actors in the major roles:kevin-costnerkevin-costnerkevin-costner - Crash Davissusan-sarandon - Annie Savoytim-robbins - Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLooshtrey-wilson-1 - Joe "Skip" Rigginsrobert-wuhl - Larry HockettA complete description of the film with a listing of the entire cast can be found at: can also find detailed information on the Internet Movie Database. See:

What kind of gun has a serial number of 1258714?

an area 51 nuke than is for testing

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if they nuke us nuke them

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The USA built the first nuke.

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You can't nuke anymore.

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